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Learn how to add your personal information in Truckker.

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The first step in completing your profile is to add some personal information.  Click on the 'Add Personal Info' button to start and complete the following sections. 

  1. Upload or take a profile photo.  You can use your camera on your phone or just upload one that was previously taken. 

  2. Tell us about your driving experience. How many years have you been driving and what truck driving school you attended.  (Note: if your driving school isn't listed, select 'other' in the drop down menu and you can manually type in your school.)

  3. Add your home address.

  4. Select your employment type.  If you are an independent contractor select that option and enter in your HST number. Otherwise, select employee. 

  5. Upload a current background check.  This is optional for on-boarding, however may be required later on. 

Once you have completed all of the sections click 'save' to return to the onboarding home page. 

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