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How to sign up for Truckker.

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Signing up is simple, it can be done on your mobile device, and most importantly, it’s free! In just a few clicks, you will be up and running. Remember, Truckker isn't any generic platform. It was designed specifically for the transportation industry. So only carriers and professional drivers will be able to join and participate in the service. One of the first steps to registering is determining your account type. On Truckker, you can either be a Carrier or a Driver.

If you are looking to get hired and drive, please register as a Driver in 4 easy steps.

If you are looking to hire, please register as a Carrier (coming soon).

Follow the on-boarding steps provided in the app. You will be asked to verify your email address and, once that has been done, getting access to the site is as simple as using your email address and password OR entering in your phone number.

Truckker is currently supported in the province of Ontario but will be available across Canada shortly. 

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